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Royal Brackla Distillery




In 1835, it was the first Scotch to be granted a Royal Warrant and the rights to call itself Royal Brackla. This seal of approval from King William IV led to Brackla being known as ‘The King’s Own Whisky’.

The distillery is located in the Highlands, using natural spring water and matured in ex-sherry casks the Royal Brackla produces a fresh, fruity and clean acidity single malt since 2014. Before the distillery was acquired by Dewar (Bacardi plc.), Royal Brackla has been a malt for blended whisky, until Dewar recognised and launched five strong range of single malts to the market in 2015 - the collection was known as the ‘The Last Great Malts’. In 2019, Dewar revamped the Royal Brackla range comprising 12, 18- and 21-year-old expressions, bottled at a higher strength of 46% abv and without caramel colouring and was released in 2020. The range today is a world recognisable brand, with distribution worldwide.

Distillery Gallery

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