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Macallan Distillery



The Macallan was one of the first distillers in Scotland

to be legally licensed. Since then they have built a

reputation as one of the world’s leading single malt

whiskies. The creation of The Macallan draws on the

vital contributing influences of Spain, North America

and Scotland - and of their respective natural raw

materials, combined with traditional methods and

craftsmanship. All Macallan whiskies take 100% of their

colour from the wood in which they are matured. As

wood is a natural product, each tree is different and in

turn, imparts different flavours and colours to the

whisky during maturation. The skill of the whisky

makers ensures colour is as consistent as possible from

bottling to bottling, through the management and

selection of the casks which provide the spectrum of

natural colour essential to The Macallan single malt.

Today, wholly owned by spirits giant, Edrington Group,

in 2012 invested a total of £500 million towards

building the distillery and additional warehousing, and

sourcing quality wood over the next 12 years. The

distillery arguably is the most prestigious brand and

the king of collectibles; with dominate market shares

of 40% and as a group in 2022 (Q2) the Edrington core

revenue went up by 45% from Q1 to £821 million. With

the high demand and not enough supply to cover, the

brand will always be on the rise.

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