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Glenrothes Distillery



Owned by the same company as Macallan and Highland Park, this is the distillery to watch in the future. Macallan stopped selling casks in 1993, and Highland Park withdrew the use of their name on any casks after 2011 causing Glenrothes to increase exponentially in value. The brand is well known and can be found in travel retail all over the globe as well as wine and spirits stores. This particular cask is maturing in a sherry casks, it will have a particular sweetness and spice balance which is sought after the world over, and particularly in Asia.

The distillery was founded in 1878 by Stuart & Co and, since the early 1990s, has belonged to Berry Bros & Rudd, the renowned wine merchants founded in 1598. They decided to focus on single malt whisky, which has made the distillery famous. In 1999, they joined forces with the Edrington Group and leased the brand from them. The output and turnover of Glenrothes keeps growing and guarantee it a permanent place in the market. A feature that differentiates The Glenrothes from other whiskies on the market is that between 1994 and 2017, bottles were not sold or marked according to the years of maturation, but according to the vintage. In 2017 the Edrington group acquired the brand back from Berry Bros and Rudd and returned to age statements, making the vintage whiskies rare.

Distillery Gallery

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