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Glen Grant Distillery



Glen Grant distillery was founded in 1840 in Rothes, Speyside by brothers John and James Grant, two former illegal distillers and smugglers who decided to take out a license. Previously owned by Chivas Brothers Ltd, Glen Grant was purchased by the Italian company Campari Group in December 2005. Glen Grant itself was one of the first whisky brands. You could find Glen Grant in Africa, Australia and the US in the late 19th century, a brand before the term had been invented. It is also the biggest selling single malt Scotch whisky in Italy. Glen Grant was the first distillery to have electric light and introduced tall slender stills and purifiers which created the fresh malty flavour and clear colour that defines Glen Grant whisky to this day. The Glen Grant is the only distillery in the Speyside region that bottles every drop of whisky on-site.

Distillery Gallery

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