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Bunnahabhain Distillery



Founded in 1881, the distillery is located on an island in Scotland named Islay, because of where they are based, their business relied on sea trade. Bunnahabhain is the only distillery on the island that uses pure spring water in the production of their whisky. The water is drawn from the Margadale River via pipes that lead directly to the distillery, it remains uninfluenced from the peat found throughout the Islay landscape. This unpeated character became Bunnahabhain’s signature and uniqueness in comparison to the rest of the distilleries on the island, where peatiness is a major character in Islay whisky.


In 2003 it was acquired by Burn Stewart which merged with Distell Group in 2014 and is one of ten active distilleries on the island. After the acquisition, the value of the whisky continue to grow as their brand name strengthen worldwide. Late last year (2022), announced Bunnahabhain will be controlled under a subsidiary of The Heineken. Which includes the Out-Scope Assets business involving marketing operations, distillation, maturation, blending, bottling and distribution. Industry experts see a promising added value to the brand from this movement.

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