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Aultmore Distillery



The distillery was founded in 1897 by Alexander Edward, one of Scotland’s best-known distillers, its single malt today is ranked as ‘Top Class’ in the world by industry experts for its fine qualities and well-balanced whisky.

Located in Speyside near the city of Keith, the area is renowned for its foreboding thick fog known as the Foggie Moss that often cloaks the village and distillery in a mysterious shroud. Aultmore comes from the Gaelic Ant-Allt Mor, meaning 'big burn' and referring to the nearby Burn of Auchinderran, the distillery's water source. Today, owned by the John Dewar & Sons Ltd (part of Bacardi), after the acquisition the distillery changed their power source from steam to electricity, which doubled its distillation efficiency and production for single malt.

Distillery Gallery

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