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Auchentoshan Distillery



Auchentoshan distillery went bankrupt soon after it started in the 1817. Until 1834, John Hart and Alexander Filshie bought the distillery , from then it changed several owners, up to 1984 the owners of Bowmore purchased Auchentoshan for £325,000. Ten years later Bowmore was acquired by Suntory Holdings (one of the oldest and largest alcoholic beverage distributors in Asia). Under the operations of Suntory, new releases continue to be released. A new marketing approach was established to make a revealing appearance into the younger population.

Almost all of its production is used as single malt, with an annual production of 1.75 million litres. Maturation is mainly in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-sherry butts, though some Auchentoshans will mature in French wine casks. These special releases were offered periodically, including the oldest ‘Auchie’, a limited release of a 50 year old distilled in 1957.

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